CalAIM Office Hours: Enhanced Care Management (ECM) and Community Supports Member Engagement - Shared screen with speaker view
Carmela L - Manatt Events
Link for both English and Spanish captioning: https://www.streamtext.net/player?event=DHCS
Cynthia Perez
So much echo. open mics
Allen Noriega
Are the county offices involved or connected with the ambassadors?
Nancy Wongvipat Kalev
Link to become a DHCS coverage ambassador: https://www.dhcs.ca.gov/toolkits/Pages/PHE-Outreach-Toolkit.aspx
Dana Durham
County offices are spreading the message about enrollment and working to ensure beneficiary addresses are correct. They are involved in preparing and reviewing the toolkits as well as active in the communication messages to the ambassadors. However, the county offices are not directly connected to ambassadors.
Mary Leste
Do Ambassadors get paid?
Dana Durham
The motivation for Ambassadors is knowing that their work assists individuals in maintaining coverage. There is no additional compensation.
Susan LaPadula
Can Medi-Cal members self refer for all MCPs in all counties statewide ?Thank you kindly
Allen Noriega
Is there an administrative purpose for the disconnect or is there discussion regarding improving the connection? I ask because of the bureaucratic delay and confusion that beneficiaries face once the application is submitted.
Gabriela Martinez
Some members are assigned to one ECM provider but the member has already established care with another ECM provider. How have the plans considered this factor when assigning the member to an ECM provider without interrupting the continuity of care of the member?
Katy Weber
I had a question around the ECM populations of focus “Nursing Facility Residents Transitioning to the community”. Are you referring to custodial patients in a nursing facility or are you also including skilled patients including those going through rehab in a nursing facility residents as part of this ECM population of focus?
Crystal Rocha Torres
How would one go about coordinating an enrollment/referral outreach education session for an acute hospital care coordination department?
Sydney Turner
@ Gabriela, Great question! Health Net allows members to switch ECM providers at any time - they just need to give us a call! Then we will make the old and new ECM provider aware to ensure continuity of care occurs.
Claudia Gallard
Can you share the referral form that has been created?
jessica cervin
love the form! Regina Schanning from SNAHC
Melissa Wanyo
Great to hear you find the referral form useful, thank you for your comments!
jessica cervin
very useful thank you!
Carley Clemons
Referral Form- https://www.lacare.org/sites/default/files/pl1196-1198_la_mcp_ecm_referral_form_202112.pdf
Melissa Wanyo
@ Gabriela, thanks for your question. At L.A Care, we also allow a member to switch ECM providers - if a member requests a provider change, we authorize their "member choice". If an ECM provider is requesting to serve a member, who is already enrolled with another ECM contracted provider, we outreach to the member for "member choice" and assign based on their preference.
Claudia Gallard
Thank you Carley
Mike Odeh
any lessons learned so far on ECM for families with children?
Debbie Harder
Community Supports questions - specifically on Post Short Term Hospitalization, if a member ends up going to the hospital, how long can we continue to hold a hotel room with their belongings and bill for Post Short Term Hospitalization?
Christina Ciliberto
Of note, some MCPs include Outreach costs/pricing within the enrolled contracted rate. And therefore due not pay separately for Outreach for each Member.
Allen Noriega
Is there any consideration or discussion of county social service offices participating in or collaborating with ECM?
Amira Lindbloom
We have just started providing ECM services and I would love to connect with other ECM providers who may have more experience. Is there any platform for this?
Donna Carey
This was helpful - thank you!
Will you be able to provide us with a copy of the PPT?
jessica cervin
regina from snahc great presentaton