CalHHS Data Exchange Framework Implementation Advisory Committee Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
DeeAnne McCallin (CPCA)
I suggest alignment with CalAIM's PHM Roadmap and Service as critical for prioritization
DeeAnne McCallin (CPCA)
+1 to Lori Hack, reverse the order of 1-6
DeeAnne McCallin (CPCA)
agree with "ljohns" in Q&A, please explain what "transactions patterns" means
Kevin McAvey
Thank you, Troy, for offering the following comment: "For the Real-Time data Exchange, to align with the vision statement “timely and secure access to usable information” the P&P should focus on both TIMELY and USABLE. For example, we have sent near real time electronic case reports on COVID and Monkeypox to CDC, but have yet to have any information flow back to our local health department."
Kevin McAvey
Please feel free to offer additional comments in the chat/Q&A, and we will review them offline.
Lori Hack
@Troy agree!
Norlyn Asprec, CHEAC
@Troy agree as well.
Lori Hack
Is there a list of the members of this Committee?
DeeAnne McCallin (CPCA)
Are meetings of IAC and Subcomittee meetings calendared? The more advance notice the better.
Kevin McAvey
DSA Meeting agenda and date/time/log-in information can be found here: https://www.chhs.ca.gov/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/CalHHS_DxF-DSA-PP-Subcommittee_Meeting-1_Sep-23-2022_Agenda_Final_v1.pdf
Lori Hack
Will there be time to review the recommendations from the Subcommittee so we have time to gather input?
Kevin McAvey
Lori, great questions. All DSA Subcommittee dates are now on the DxF website; the Subcommittee roster will be posted shortly, along with specific times/log in info for future meetings. Per usual, we will also be announcing them through our regular correspondence/communications.
Kevin McAvey
@DeeAnne, I hope that answers your questions as well.
DeeAnne McCallin (CPCA)
@Kevin, yes, thanks!
Cary Sanders
Can we define what "good governance" means?
Lori Hack
@David Ford exactly, ensuring the ones that exist meet the criteria we need for sustained service
Kevin McAvey
IAC Members - thank you for all of your EXCELLENT feedback. We are going to try to keep pace to close on time, but PLEASE record any additional questions or input in the chat (we will read it all), or feel free to email us at any time with additional comments.
Felix Su
One potential missing piece from the QHIO criteria categories is the requirement for QHIOs to form a "network of networks"
Felix Su
i.e., be able to request and respond to each other (and their users) for data
Jonah Frohlich
@Felix Su: Good suggestion and agree this needs to be considered as a criterion for qualification
DeeAnne McCallin (CPCA)
what is the 2 year timeline of the $50M? July 1 2022 - June 30 2024?
DeeAnne McCallin (CPCA)
can CDII or another entity or office elaborate (or provide offline to us via email or DxF website) the other grant programs looking to align with?
Jonah Frohlich
DeeAnne - timeline authorizing the $50M expenditure is as you stated: starting July 2022, through June 2024 (i.e., following state fiscal year).
DeeAnne McCallin (CPCA)
what is "vendor identification"?
DeeAnne McCallin (CPCA)
I suggest separating the HIO Onboarding Grants into two - both are necessary but I can see how they can be separate
Camille Cooley
Listening Session Dates:​Oct 4 | 9:30-11am PTOct 17 | 3:30-5pm PT
Lori Hack
Until the Signatory Group is better defined, then it will be difficult to determine who qualifies. For example, the County is not required but encouraged. SO do they get grant money or no?
Lori Hack
Also, need to be clear on milestones for the grant to be used effectively.
DeeAnne McCallin (CPCA)
To encourage CPCA members (FQHCs) to attend the listening sessions, it would be extremely helpful to know if they are eligible for this funding, esp if they participated in EHR Incentive Program (REC and CTAP) in advance of promoting these listening sessions
Jonah Frohlich
Lori and DeeAne: AB 133 didn't give CDII authority to issue regulations which would further specify (beyond what's in AB 133) who is subject to DxF/DSA requirements. As such, part of the legislative proposal that will be advanced to establish the HHS Data Exchange Board should include authority to issue regulations that define with more precision what entities are subject to AB 133 (Courtney can elaborate or correct me if I'm misstating anything here)..
Lori Hack
Yes Jonah you are correct. Maybe we create the incentive to be part of the signatory with the grant funding.
Ryan Stewart
We should leverage some of the work done by the CARIN Alliance in this space
Juliette Mullin
Thank you DeeAnne for your feedback in the chat about the HIO Onboarding Grants
Ryan Stewart
ONC Project@US has a technical specification to standardize capturing patient demographics for improved matching
Lori Hack
The September 13 session was really good. Keep them up as some stakeholders unaware of the AB133 requirements and the work done.
Kevin McAvey
The first DxF Power is Information webinar is on the DxF website as a sharable deck and recording: https://www.chhs.ca.gov/data-exchange-framework
Cary Sanders
Co-branding will be helpful from a communications standpoint
Kevin McAvey
Thank you, Lori. Agree it was great. IAC Members, PLEASE circulate it to your networks.
David Ford
It would be good if there was a way for orgs to share webinars and events they are doing about the DxF. For example, CMA did a DxF webinar for med-to-large medical groups at the end of June.
Jonah Frohlich
@ David Ford: really good idea! We could leverage the DxF website to have a resource center, and work with prospective education grantees to develop materials that can be used at webinars like the one you hosted.
Kevin McAvey
Jonah beat me too it. Great idea, David.
Kevin McAvey
IAC Members, please send me/CDII any upcoming DxF webinars you have scheduled. At minimum, we can include in our DxF Community emails to support amplification; possibly even list on the DxF website.
Kevin McAvey
From Dr. Scott: "Interoperability and Patient Access Rule, https://www.cms.gov/newsroom/fact-sheets/interoperability-and-patient-access-fact-sheet ; PHM Service, https://www.dhcs.ca.gov/CalAIM/Pages/PopulationHealthManagement.aspx; Behavioral Health Quality Improvement Program (BHQIP)o https://www.dhcs.ca.gov/bhqip• Providing Access and Transforming Health (PATH)o https://www.dhcs.ca.gov/CalAIM/Pages/CalAIM-PATH.aspx• Equity and Practice Transformation Grantso https://www.dhcs.ca.gov/Documents/Budget-Highlights-Add-Docs/Equity-and-Practice-Transformation-Grants-May-Revise.pdf
Kevin McAvey
We will be moving to public comment shortly. If you are a member of the public, and would like to ask a question or make a comment, please raise your hand. When speaking, please announce your name and org, and please keep comments brief (<2 min) and respectful. We will take a few questions as time allows. Thank you all.
Kevin McAvey
Turning to public comment for approx. five minutes next.
Kevin McAvey
Please raise your hand if you have a comment or question.
Troy Kaji
Will the CalAIM PHM therefore be more similar to existing QIP quality metric reporting or very different?
Kevin McAvey
Questions/comments also welcome in the Q&A chat. We will be reviewing all written comments.
Linnea Koopmans
I assume I will not be the only one taking the last two weeks of the year off, so I will not be available on 12/3. If others will also be OOO perhaps we consider finding another date in Dec
DeeAnne McCallin (CPCA)
Hearing more about the Equity Practice Transformation Grants would be ideal